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Buildings often don’t operate exactly as intended, leaving significant amounts of money on the table for building owners.

Retrocommissioning studies strive to ensure that your building is operating at peak performance. Optimized buildings reduce operating costs, while maintaining or improving occupant comfort. EcoMetric’s team of experienced engineers dig deep into facility controls, schedules, maintenance, and overall operation to find low cost and no cost improvements.

We offer several types of studies geared towards different types of customers

  • RCx Lite. Tailored to small and medium buildings 150,000 ft2 or less
  • Retrocommissioning. Larger studies for larger buildings with more complicated systems, controls, and needs
  • Auto-RCx. Similar to RCx lite, but completed entirely remotely. Interval data, building automation system data, and a phone interview is all that’s required

Corporate organizations need a long-term outlook that meets the needs of the present, averts risks and identifies opportunities for the future.

EcoMetric navigates corporate leaders through the world of sustainability and helps capitalize on the opportunities it provides. Our strategy is two-fold - identifying opportunities and developing robust business cases to make sustainability a source of perpetual value creation.

Our services include:

  • CSR strategies that are legally compliant and guarantee desired returns on investment
  • Management of the supply chain and optimizing product life cycle impacts
  • Creating a customized sustainability plan to revitalize your bottom line
  • Calculating carbon footprints, and devise strategies to be carbon neutral

Business intelligence (BI) services aim to satisfy the needs of companies planning to develop, revamp or improve their BI solutions or benefit from insightful reporting. 

EcoMetric invigorates this concept by focusing one of the most significant expenditures of a large business – it’s energy consumption.

EcoMetric offers a full range of BI services to help companies benefit from insights that allow driving cost saving through energy efficiency, improving building performance, and growing business through energy optimization.

We ensure the success of your BI initiative, be it BI development, revamp, improvement, or migration, by:

  • Analyzing fragmented energy optimization needs, as well as voiced-out and hidden problems to create an implementation/improvement/migration roadmap
  • Advising on the processes and procedures to ensure your buildings consumer the least amount of energy without disturbing normal operations
  • Delivering a proof of concept (for complex projects)
  • Delivering periodic reports with recommendations and benchmarks

Energy investments can be significant capital expenditures. Quantifying and verifying bottom line impacts of efficiency investments provides critical operational and financial insights.

EcoMetric developed the EnMeter platform with the singular goal of accurately model and monitor energy savings. Our tools utilize readily available smart meter data, and operational metrics to model energy usage using the latest AI and machine learning algorithms.

EcoMetric’s EnMeter platform uses smart meter AMI data to:

  • Quantify, track, and visualize energy and demand savings
  • Identify and properly account for non-routine events effecting energy usage
  • Clearly represent the financial benefits of energy related investments
  • Provide predictive modeling to support operational and financial forecasts

Energy Efficiency saves money and can improve company cash flow today. An Energy Audit is the first step on the path to better energy management.

Whether it’s been a while since your last audit, or you have never examined your facilities’ energy usage, EcoMetric’s staff of experienced auditors can help. Our staff have visited facilities across the globe, and can quickly and effectively analyze your buildings’ energy performance. EcoMetric’s team of data scientists can also work with your utility data to disaggregate loads and garner insights into when and how facilities spend their energy dollars.

We offer different levels of detail depending on the needs of the facility.

  • Preliminary Energy Use Analysis. Using energy use alone to benchmark your facility at a high level to other similar facilities
  • ASHRAE Level 1. A high-level audit consisting of an interview, energy history analysis, and brief facility walkthrough. The goal is to identify low-cost/no-cost measures to implement today, and list potential capital measures for the future
  • ASHRAE Level 2. Takes a Level 1 audit one step further by including detailed end-use energy calculations and completing a financial assessment. We discuss equipment operation with multiple facility staff, and develop recommendations that meet the facilities longer term goals
  • ASHRAE Level 3. Adds additional rigor to a Level 2 audit by adding sub-meter or specific equipment data analyses. The outcome is a detailed review of capital intensive measures recommended during a Level 2 audit to develop investment grade results

Featured Projects:

Custom Project Pre-Review

EcoMetric collaboratively works with building operators to review custom energy efficiency projects throughout the program approval process.

Fieldwork and Onsite Metering

Our staff have completed field visits and metering for residential end-uses, commercial HVAC equipment, oil pumps, gasification plants and everything in between.

Strategic Energy Management Analysis

We combine data analytics and engineering analysis to quantify, analyze and verify energy and demand savings for diverse energy management projects that include capital, operation and maintenance measures.