EcoMetric Consulting is a global consultancy specializing in energy efficiency, distributed generation and renewable energy

Energy Efficiency Solutions

For Any Business

North American Lighting Baseline Story

EcoMetric completed the first-ever in-depth study of a Canadian province’s commercial lighting market between 2017 and 2018 that found T12 lighting is not entirely obsolete.

Fieldwork and Onsite Metering

EcoMetric's team of engineers has decades of combined field experience and has successfully deployed meters to measure of all types of critical project details.

Advanced NMEC Analysis

EcoMetric calculated the expected natural gas savings utilizing NMEC analysis based on an hourly regression model that utilized temperature, time-of-week, and occupancy input variables.

EcoMetric is the result of long experience with utilities, regulators, business owners and trade organizations, a deep commitment to climate change values relating to working in business on the principles of social responsibility and corporate citizenship.
— Salil Gogte, Founder & CEO, EcoMetric Consulting

Our Vision:

Accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy conservation and renewable programs in every corner of our fragile planet. Leverage data and inform with analytics. Apply global knowledge and experience to customize local solutions that are scalable, replicable and sustainable.


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