Our Vision:

Accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy conservation and renewable programs in every corner of our fragile planet. Leverage data and inform with analytics. Apply global knowledge and experience to customize local solutions that are scalable, replicable and sustainable.

Our Mission:

To find, implement, educate and evaluate energy conservation solutions. Create disruption through innovation. Deliver with empathy. Be bold to reach the next frontier of energy conservation.

Corporate Sustainability

EcoMetric is committed to good corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship. Our core values support responsible business practices that are embedded in our business strategies, processes, corporate governance, customer solutions, supplier relationships, employee engagement and community involvement. We operate a paper-free, low travel, virtual business that leverages technology to reduce our carbon footprint every step of the way.

Management Team

Salil Headshot-cropped

Salil Gogte

Founder & CEO

Salil’s expertise includes a variety of energy efficiency and distributed generation services and products. He has a penchant for creating disruptive technology solutions that do not exist in present times. Salil leads the vision and mission of the executive team at EcoMetric.


Kyle McKenna

Managing Consultant, Engineering

Kyle manages the engineering team conducting impact evaluations of residential, commercial, and industrial programs across North America. He has experience with complex energy systems analysis and is skilled at deploying meters in the field.


Cory Read

Managing Consultant, Data Science

Cory is an analytics professional with experience in traditional quantitative program evaluation with an eye towards data science driven solutions for next generation energy efficiency programs. Cory leads the data science team at EcoMetric.

Michelle Bruchs headshot

Michelle Bruchs

Managing Consultant, Social Research

Michelle's exptertise is in understanding the human side of sustainability and effective client engagement, with a valuable combination of skills in research design and qualitative analytical expertise, with a focus on clear writing and compelling presentation of results.

Jake Brick Square

Jake Fuller

Managing Consultant, Client Solutions

Jake manages projects and performs quantitative analysis for residential, commercial, and industrial sector energy efficiency programs. He is a good listener and adept in identifying client requirements to find solutions quickly and efficiently.


Mike Honeychuck

Managing Consultant, Engineering

Mike manages the engineering team conducting in-depth technical reviews of commercial and industrial energy efficiency and generation projects. Mike has a decade of energy consulting experience in large scale industrial applications and manages EcoMetric’s virtual energy assessment tools and services.

Channel Partners

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EcoMetric's partnership with Abraxas Energy enables us to quickly deploy additional engineering personnel from locations in CALIFORNIA, and WASHINGTON for on-site measurement, verification and other primary data gathering.

Where We Work

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Pennsylvania (HQ)

EcoMetric’s headquarters is located at the Exton Commons office park in the technology and service industry hub of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The office park is close to public transportation and has access to walking trails and a fitness center. EcoMetric’s office condo has an high efficiency HVAC system, Low-E double pane windows, LED lighting, ample daylight and glazed frontage.

Other Locations

  • LaCrosse, WI
  • Boise, ID
  • Denver, CO
  • Portland, OR
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Pune, India

Contact Us

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